What is the appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mother, for whom the actor abandoned his lovely wife, and how has the actor’s illegitimate kid grown up?

72-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger enjoys cycling and cycles daily for fitness. He performs it occasionally by himself and occasionally with the help of his sweetheart. But this time, to everyone’s surprise, his son Joseph Baena was sitting next to him.

The cause for Joseph Shriver’s divorce from Maria Shriver was Milard, Joseph’s mother, who worked as Arnold’s housekeeper. People find it amazing that the star could convert his gorgeous wife into a servant. Everyone still finds it mysterious.

After a public controversy, Milard herself ceased meeting with Schwarzenegger, but she did not restrict Joseph from talking to his father. It’s important to note that Baena and Schwartz have a lot in common, including a love of the same sports.

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