The Siamese twins separated successfully: The brothers already grew up

A team of doctors led by James Goodrich performed the operation within 27 hours. Particular attention was paid to Anias, since he was initially weaker than his brother. He was operated on for 6 hours longer than Jadon.

Moreover, during the operation, a serious problem arose – the children shared a larger volume of the brain than the doctors expected. However, the operation was successful – the children lived a critical period after it – 72 hours. Anias, as expected, suffered the intervention worse than Jadon, he had convulsions before the operation. Doctors have added anticonvulsants to the list of medicines he needs.

Now Anias is already opening his eyes, reacting to his parents. Jadon moves the right half of his body (the left is temporarily paralyzed) and even grabs his mom or dad by the finger and smiles. Some time after the operation, the baby tried to pull out the oxygen tube, with which he now breathes.

Earlier, MedNovosti reported that the 13-month-old Siamese brothers Jadon and Aniase had a certain amount of brain tissue in the brothers, but, according to doctors, surgical intervention, despite all the risks, was necessary. Only it could save the lives of children who otherwise might not live to see their second birthday.

The mother of the babies, Nicole, said that at first they did not want to draw so much attention to their story, but now she can thank people for their support, and doctors for their work. The cost of the operation was about $ 2.5 million, and the parents managed to raise this amount thanks to caring people.

Now that the operation is complete, Nicole and her husband Christian are asking anyone who wants to help their children to donate money instead to a family friend whose child needs a kidney transplant.

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