The Siamese twin brothers seperated in 2017: What they look like after 6 years

Prince and Love Zalte were born on September 19, 2016 in a maternity hospital in Mumbai, India. The fact that they are Siamese twins, their mother Shetal learned in the fifth month of pregnancy. Still not knowing whether it would be possible to separate them, the Zalte family began to save money for the upcoming procedure.

After the birth of Prince and Love, they were carefully examined. Several experts immediately came to the conclusion that they could be separated after a while. Chetal and Sagar did not doubt for a minute their decision to separate the children. They went to the best clinic they could afford.

When the brothers were one year old, a whole group of specialists began a lengthy preparation for separation. It all took about two months. The procedure itself was scheduled for December 12, 2017. For 12 hours, 30 specialists worked to give the Prince and Love a new life. Only in the morning, Dr. Shakuntala Prabhu blessed their parents with good news, – “Everything went well!”

Having become independent from each other, the children had to learn a lot. Under the supervision of specialists, they learned to crawl, stand and walk. The kids took their first independent steps only at the age of two. For a whole year, the doctors watched the Prince and Love.

During this time, they became almost family to each other. On the first anniversary of the separation, the entire clinic team came to the Zalte family’s home to celebrate this happy occasion together with a cup of tea and a piece of birthday cake.

The separation of Siamese twins was a big step towards the development of the clinic. Now she is one of the leaders in the country dealing with such cases. Now the twins, who were separated in 2017, are almost 4 years old. Children lead a very mobile lifestyle and practically do not differ from their peers.

The brothers spend most of their time together. They experience the same feelings and have identical tastes and preferences. And this is not at all surprising, because just two and a half years ago they were practically one. Children love to play ball and dream of playing professional sports when they grow up. The main thing is that they are absolutely healthy and happy. Let’s wish them good luck and great success in all their endeavors!


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