Saveing lion says final goodbye to his beloved savior after 20 years together

Colombia Lion from Refúgio Villa Lorena, an creature shelter, became absolutely famous. Julia Torres from that refuge centerfield seize consternation of 9 tigers, 4 lions, cougars, jaguars, a bear, an ostrich and a crocodile. There are chimpanzees, monkeys and  many birds,too.

Whole these  1 p in common. Tpainey were abused. Some of them have irretrievable their limbs, some are unreasoning or irretrievable an eye. Julia affirms that she has 2 human children and 800 creature ones. Any of them hairy, any are clawed, however whole them are dispassionate wonderful.  Though the protection has almost 800 animals, Julia’s favourite 1 was always the lion called Jupiter.

Torres saved him from the circus. His former holder distant her claws and regularly ill-treated the poor animal. That is the  reason Jupiter had no belief for human beings and still had anthropoid communicate phobia.However when he met Julia, the lion merely forgot approximately the existed phobia.

Unfortunately, the lion had to be transfered to a Safari park in Monteria, thanks to Julia didn’t have compulsory certificates for the lion maintenance. At the Safari park Jupiter got displease and gone weight.The veterinarians figured out that he had terminating liver cancer and anemia.

However he was accomplished to contemplate his girlfriend Julia Torres for the antepenultimate time. Torres didn’t distinguish him, thanks to he was extremely thin. Jupiter passed elsewhere in 2020, however Julia maintains that his memory will survive forever.

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