Ingenious kids keep in touch with military dad through Ring Video Doorbell

One of the most difficult experiences is for a family to say goodby to a loved one who is about to be deployed. But two kids stumbled upon an ingenious way to keep in touch with their dai in Kuwait.

Rather than sending emails and letters, which can be very slow, their grandpa suggested that they talk to their Ring Video Doorbell every time they enter or leave the house, so that their dad could see it instantly in Kuwait.

“My dad was like, one day, ‘Why don’t you guys go tell hi to your dad, you can use this function, and he can see it over [in Kuwait],’” their mom Cierra said. “It blew their little minds.”

Adorable kids keep in touch with military dad through Ring Video Doorbell

The video that was first shared by Twitter users Travis Akers and Rex Chapman shows 5-year-old Petroula and 7-year-old Zerick telling their dad how much they love and miss him and hope he comes home soon.

They also occasionally give their dad updates on their own lives like the time Zerick got a new haircut or learned to ride a bike without training wheels.

“Dad, I graduated from riding my bike now,” the boy said. “All I need for help is to push; then I’m all going by myself! With no training wheels, dad! How cool is that?!”

The heartwarming video went viral, getting over a million views and 7000 shares. According to many users, it served as a reminder to show gratitude for military members and how brave kids of military parents are.

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