Grandmother burst into tears when she saw her granddaughter’s prom dress

Choosing a prom dress is something special and very important for every girl. But in California there was a story that touched the hearts of not only the whole family, but millions of people around the world.

Young and beautiful Cassie was preparing for a very important and memorable life event – graduation party. Like all girls, she was puzzled by the choice of festive attire. But the decision came by itself and surprised the whole family.

Dottie is Cassie’s grandmother, and she gave her little granddaughter a dress that she herself wore to prom. The woman thought that the girl would decide to use the old play outfit to dress up as a princess or do fashion shows with her friends. Dottie was sure that her granddaughter would change the outfit or completely ruin it.

But little Cassie decided not to touch the dress and change it. The outfit not only remained in its original form, but also perfectly preserved to this day. The girl decided to use an airy pale pink dress with a lush hem and frills for its intended purpose – to put it on her own prom. The girl really liked the outfit, because she fell in love with the vintage style thanks to her elegant grandmother, who from childhood instilled impeccable taste in her beloved granddaughter.

Kessie told her family about her idea, but decided to arrange a real pleasant surprise for her grandmother. She didn’t tell Dottie until the very end which outfit she’d chosen. At the graduation ceremony, Kessie, like all graduates, according to a long American tradition, came in robes. Then she told her grandmother that she would go to change clothes with a friend.

When Cassie returned already in a dress and appeared in front of her family, grandmother, seeing her festive graduation attire, was moved and gave vent to emotions. The whole family shed tears with her. The touching incident was captured on video by Aunt Kessie, who posted the video on social media. It was viewed by about 8 million people, and all of them very reverently perceived what was happening. History and truth deserve attention.

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