Grandfather cried after holding his granddaughter:She has the same name as her beloved one

Today’s story revolves around a grandfather who lost the love of his life, his wife, Anna, in the summer of 2021. Since then, his life hasn’t been the same, but something unexpected happened a year later that made him feel better.

The man called his wife “Anny,” and her loss changed his life. The loss of his partner leaves a person with a void that no one else can fill, but luckily this grandfather found someone who brought joy into his life.

Ashley Lemieux saw her grandfather’s life change after her grandmother passed away. She loved him dearly and resonated with her pain of losing a loved one because she had been through something similar.

In 2020, Lemieux and her husband were ready to welcome their baby boy, Jayce. They were eager to hold their little one in their arms, unaware that their little boy would not survive.

In a heartbreaking Instagram post, Lemieux explained her feelings after losing Jayce. She remembers hearing a lullaby every time a baby was born in the hospital. The lullaby gave her hope, but when she performed after Jayce was born, she was heartbroken because her baby was no more. She admitted:

“I miss him so much it hurts physically. »

Losing her little one was one of the worst experiences of her life, but fate quickly introduced a new person into her life who eased her pain. The devastated mother gave birth to a baby girl and named her “Annie Rae”.

What made the baby girl’s birth even more special was that her name was the same as Lemieux’s grandmother. When her grandfather came from Wisconsin to meet Annie, Lemieux recorded the precious moment he first held the little one.

The grandfather holds Annie in his arms, filled with adoration for the little girl. Then he caresses her cheek and smiles at the camera. He even holds Annie’s little hand smiling from ear to ear. Lemieux said:
“He loved my grandmother so much, and he’s usually not an emotional person, but the fact that they shared part of her name meant a lot to him. »
Seeing her beloved grandfather hold his daughter for the first time was a touching moment for her.

Lemieux even shared some funny moments with her grandfather on her Instagram profile, where she asked him what she did for a living. Since he didn’t know much about Instagram influencers, he said she “talks a lot” and tells people about things other people have sent her.

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