After adoption of triplets another shock happened: Spouses could not believe

Sarah and Andy Justice have known each other since university, where they were an inseparable couple. They dated for a long time and finally tied the knot. But one circumstance prevented the family idyll – Sarah could not get pregnant in any way. The doctors encouraged the couple a little. It turned out that Sarah can have children, but only in the case of in vitro fertilization.

And such a procedure costs a lot of money. In addition, doctors honestly warned that even in this case, the probability of becoming pregnant is only about 10%. For artificial insemination, you would have to pay 60 thousand dollars, and the Justices were not ready to risk such an amount for the sake of a rather small chance to have children.

Then the couple decided to adopt a child. And Sarah and Andy were lucky. They found a pregnant mother who planned to send the baby to an orphanage immediately after giving birth. The Justices agreed that they would immediately adopt this child. But just a few weeks before the birth, the mother puzzled them with the results of an ultrasound.

It turned out that not one child would be born, but triplets at once! Apparently, the girl knew about this before, but was afraid to confess to the Justices. She was afraid that no one would want to adopt three kids at once. However, Sarah and Andy took the news with enthusiasm. They decided that it was a gift of fate. Until recently, they did not have a single child, and there will be triplets immediately.

The birth took place slightly prematurely, but the children were born strong and healthy. As a result, the happy family was replenished with a boy, Joel, and girls, Hannah and Elizabeth.

However, soon the couple was waiting for another amazing news. It turned out that, contrary to all the doctors’ predictions, Sarah became pregnant!

After the first examination, the excited Andy asked his wife: “Well, boy?” The wife, after a pause, answered evasively: “Yes, one boy ” The Justice family was waiting for the replenishment of twins: a son and a daughter. The boy was named Andrew, and the girl was named Abigail.

“It’s just incredible! A year ago, we could only dream of children, and now we have five of them!” Sarah does not hide her joy.

It’s great that miracles still happen. And this story is another proof of that. If you were touched by the event that happened to this married couple, then be sure to tell your friends about it.

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