A new record was settled: Sextuplets were born in 9 minutes

A woman from the United States, Thelma Chiaka, set a kind of “mom” record – she gave birth to 6 children at once in just 9 minutes. This happens once in 4.7 billion pregnancies! How does the newly-made mom feel, and is everything in order with her kids?

Immediately after giving birth, Thelma gave an interview in which she spoke about her miraculous pregnancy. It turned out that the woman conceived gears in a natural way. Such a multiple pregnancy scared the doctors who examined Thelma a little. The doctors were afraid for the health of the mother and children, and also assured that she could give birth only with the help of a caesarean section.

However, Thelma turned out to be stronger than the doctors expected. She not only gave birth to six babies herself, but also coped with this super-task in just 9 minutes. As a result, 3 pairs of twins were born – 4 boys and 2 girls. The weight of the babies was in the range from 800 to 1300 grams, so for some time they had to be “nurtured” in the neonatal center.

Now everything is fine with wonderful gears. The happy mother has already come up with beautiful names for the girls – Zuriel and Xena. How to name the boys, Thelma will decide together with the father of the baby.

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