A four-year-old girl was adopted by a police officer who saved her from her biological family

In 2018, Police Lt. Brian Zack received a call at a house where neighbors said parents were making fun of their two-year-old daughter.

When he first saw the child, the man couldn’t believe his eyes. There was a small body in front of him, completely covered in bruises and abrasions. All of this was done by his parents.

The policeman called an ambulance.

Back home, Brian told his wife everything. Together, they made a decision: to take care of the child while the court rules on custody.

While little Kayla was in the hospital, Brian never left her bed. And after discharge, he took the child home, where his whole family was already waiting for the baby.

The girl was surrounded by such love that after a few days she started calling Brian dad and his wife, Sierra, mom.

The policeman took over the education of the girl. First, he started teaching Kayla to read and write. They walked and traveled a lot.

“Every day could be the last because we didn’t know what the court would decide,” says Brian Zack.

During the investigation, it turned out that the biological parents constantly abused the child. There was therefore no question of returning Kayla to them.

They were deprived of their parental rights. And among the parents, there were not those who would want to organize his custody.

And then the judge allowed Brian to look after the baby and allowed him to arrange custody.

After 4 years, the family of the policeman who rescued the girl completely adopted her.

Brian’s colleagues are proud of his act. They are sure that the baby will grow up in the Zack family as a kind and warm person. Because now she is loved and there is someone to take care of her.


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