9 kids were born at once: Six months later, for the first time mother showed the children in one photo

In May 2021, 26-year-old Halima Cisse set a record and hit all the world’s media. The woman simultaneously endured and gave birth to nine children. Six months later, she, her husband and children are finally ready to return home from the hospital.

“I love taking care of them. The children are getting stronger every day and soon we will be allowed to take them home,” says the young mother in an interview with the Daily Mail. And for the first time he shows all the children together – in one photo. If you look from left to right, then the girls are sitting there – Adama, Umu, Hava, Kadidiya and Fatuma, then the boys – Umar, Elhadzhi, Bah, Mohammed VI.

Interestingly, the parents announced the names of the children only a week after the birth. Someone might have thought that they simply were not able to come up with so many names at once, but no – it’s all about the religion of the family and compliance with its rules.

Recall that during Halima’s pregnancy, doctors saw only seven children on ultrasound. The rest were a surprise during childbirth. The babies were born at 30 weeks of gestation by caesarean section in Casablanca, Morocco, where their mother was transferred from Mali to receive the necessary qualified care. As a result, 10 doctors and 25 nurses took delivery.

The children, five girls and four boys, were born weighing between 450 and 900 grams. According to the British press, all children are healthy and gaining weight well. That is why in the near future they will go home to West Africa. Relatives and the couple’s 2-year-old daughter from their first pregnancy are waiting for the family there.

Upon arrival, they have to solve the housing problem, because they have no idea how to accommodate ten children – nine of them babies – in their three-room house. Well, let’s wish them good luck in this difficult task! Halima, who gave birth to nine children, conceived in a natural way, broke the world record previously set by Nadia Suleman, who gave birth to eight children with the help of IVF in 2009.

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